Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with your permission we will fax a copy of your walk in visit to your family physician. As well, if we order any investigations during your walk in encounter we will request that a copy of the result be sent to your family physician. This allows for good continuity in your medical care by keeping your family physician informed of any medical treatments that are initiated at one of our clinics.

Yes, several of our locations have physicians with their family practices at the clinic and some of these family physicians are accepting NEW patients into their practice. Refer to our Home Page for details about which locations have family practices that are accepting NEW patients.

Anyone with a health concern or illness can be treated at the Family Focus Medical Clinics or its affiliates. As mentioned, if you have a family doctor a copy of your clinic chart will be forwarded to them with your permission.

Patients may call for a same day appointment anytime after 8:00am during the weekdays. On the weekends and Holidays, you may call to make an appointment one hour before each clinic opens. However, you may also simply walk in during clinic hours to be seen by the physician. Calling ahead to make a same day appointment might save you some time when the clinics are busy as you will have a time slot reserved for you before you arrive at the clinic.

No, these are not private medical clinics. Most of the medical services offered at the Family Focus Medical Clinics and its affiliates are covered under your provincial medical plan (MSI) so it is important that you bring your Health Card with you. There are some services that we offer that are not covered by MSI. In these cases, a fee will be applied.

Yes, suturing of minor, uncomplicated lacerations is available at all of our clinics. However, it is recommended that you call a head to the clinic that you would like to visit just to be sure that the physician on duty is able to suture your laceration. There is a small $20.00 fee that is charged to the patient to perform this service.


We will be expanding this page so please stay tuned. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

For Blood Collection Services, Flu Shot Clinics and Women’s Health Clinics please refer to our calendar.

Flu Shot Clinics

Every fall all of our clinics offer Flu Shot Clinics that are free and open to the public. Please check our website at end of September for a schedule of the Flu Shots Clinics at all of our clinics for the current influenza season.

Osteoporosis Screening Program

You can have a bone density assessment performed by a qualified technician at one of our clinics. You will be provided a printed, detailed report about your bone health that can be taken to your family physician for interpretation and advice.

Blood Collection Services

We offer several blood collection clinics throughout Halifax and Dartmouth with flexible hours to provide the most convenient blood collection services.