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If you can answer yes to any 2 of the following: 1. Travelled outside the country in the last 14 days 2. Been in contact with someone who has. 3. You have a fever 4. You have a worsening cough 5. You have flu-like symptoms…. STAY HOME, call 811. You will NOT be seen at the clinic and we are NOT a testing site. We are trying our best to keep our doors open to help the public so please adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines and remain home and call 811. The protection of the public, our staff and Physicians is extremely important so that we can stay healthy to serve the public.

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Save time with the Family Focus Walk-in Medical Clinics

A visit to one of our medical clinics may save you several hours of waiting in one of the local Emergency Departments.


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Flu Shot Clinics

All of our clinics offer flu shots that are free of charge and open to the public. Please check our website at end of September for a schedule of the Flu Shot Clinics for the current influenza season.


Osteoporosis Screening Program

You can have a bone density assessment performed by a qualified technician at one of our clinics. You will be provided a printed, detailed report about your bone health that can be taken to your family physician for interpretation and advice.


Women’s Health Clinics

Our Women’s Health Clinics are generally held on Saturday mornings at all of our clinic locations. The frequency of these clinics depends on physician availability and the patient demand for these services.

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Our regular hours can differ by locations. Most clinics are open Monday – Friday until 9 pm with 11 am – 5 pm weekend and holiday hours. You can see regular open hours on the locations page.  We will also keep you informed of clinic closures and reduced clinic hours with daily updates on the  website.

We do not make appointments, simply walk in to be seen at any of our clinics. Our Walk-In Clinics are first come, first serve. Depending on the volume of patients, we may stop registering before end of each shift because we are at capacity.

You can visit one of our clinics closest to you. If the hour is late, please confirm by phone before coming in.

Nova Scotians who need a family physician or nurse practitioner can now call 811 between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, or visit, to be added to a provincial wait list. The list is managed by the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA).

Individuals on the wait list will be contacted when a spot becomes available. Those who joined a local wait list through NSHA before Nov. 1, 2016, have been added to the new list they maintain their order of priority based on the date of their original call.

Yes, with your permission we will fax a copy of your walk-in visit to your family physician. As well, if we order any investigations during your walk-in encounter we will request that a copy of the result be sent to your family physician. This allows for good continuity in your medical care by keeping your family physician informed of any medical treatments that are initiated at one of our clinics.