Accepting New Patients


Please ensure you completely read the form instructions.

We are accepting applications for the following locations:

  1. Cole Harbour-Female Physician. Expected arrival date in October 2021
  2. Baker Dr, Dartmouth (new clinic) – Female Physicians. Expected arrival date in August 2021
  3. Baker Dr, Dartmouth (new clinic) – Male Physician. Expected arrival date in August 2021

Complete 1 form for each member of the household separately.
Example: 4 members of the household need a Physician, complete 4 separate forms and e-mail to

Only apply to 1 Physician. If that Physician is full, we will reach out to discuss an alternative.
If you apply to more than 1 Physician, your application will be rejected.

    1. We will contact you, please do NOT call the clinic directly as this process is being handled at the clinic management level only.
    2. We are working in conjunction with 811 so if you are accepted, your name will be removed from the Provincial registry.
    3. This document must be completed and returned no later than July 30th, 2021 to be considered. Forms after this time will not be processed.
    4. Please note that we are dealing with large patient interests so be patient in us getting back to you. We receive 1000’s of e-mails that need to be processed.