Physician Opportunities

We have been operating medical clinics since 2001 so we have a vast amount of experience and will be able to get you started in your practice with MINIMAL headaches. The clinics are professionally managed so you just have to see your patients and we look after EVERYTHING else.


Your Practice

The physician is in full control of their appointment parameters and we can accommodate a variety of scheduling types.  We have the ability to tailor to each physician’s unique needs; our model allows for the physician to set the appointment schedule to their preference which allows for the flexibility to have outside assignments (ie: Hospitalist, Nursing Homes).


Eliminating the Business of Medicine 
for Physicians 

We provide many services including but not limited to:

  • Completely furnished office and 2 examination rooms
  • Experienced administrative staff with +++ experience in billing
  • Clinic Operations manager who supervises the staff and ensures a professional, SMOOTHLY running office
  • Additional admin support who does the payroll (makes sure that you get paid) and provides additional supervision of the billing
  • Lots of FREE, easy to access parking for your patients
  • Family practice nurse: The nurse will be able to work with you to make your practice more efficient and allow you to provide better patient care as well as enabling you to see more patients during your family medicine sessions.
  • Peer mentoring for first-time Physicians

Overhead Model

  • Overhead options for your family practice: fixed at dollar or percentage of your billings. That is locked in and guaranteed. It will NOT increase if one of the physicians leaves the group.

  • Access to very busy walk-in shifts that are available in the morning, afternoon, evening and weekends/holidays. The overhead for the walk-in clinic work will also be fixed at a percentage.

  • Commitment to work 25hrs of family practice and 15hrs of walk-in clinic work per week.

  • Signing bonus for a 3yr commitment but you can opt out ANY TIME with 3 months notice (the signing bonus is prorated if you decide to leave the family practice BEFORE the three years are completed)

  • Interest-free loan to help you purchase the computer hardware/printers that you will need to use your EMR (NOTE: our clinic overhead covers the cost of the admin computers/printers). You will be able to re-pay this loan when you receive your $10,000 stipend from Doctors Nova Scotia that is given to every MD that signs up for any EMR in the province.

  • We are able to offer the Pay platforms of FFE or APP in our clinics.