Our Professional Team

At our clinics, the Best Doctors, are working together in an innovative new way to ensure that patients receive the best healthcare. Our team includes more than 20 physicians offering a variety of primary and specialty care. All they are not only broad certified but also having years of experience.


Our Doctors (Family Practice)

Family PhysicanGenderLocationPhoneFax
Dr. Adala HannaFJoseph Howe Drive902-443-2038833-839-2853
Dr. Saroj PremsagarFJoseph Howe Drive902-443-2038833-839-2853
Dr. Joseph WattleMJoseph Howe Drive902-443-2038833-839-2853
Dr. George LeeMBedford902-443-8388833-851-7340
Dr. Wayne MacLeodMBedford902-443-8388833-851-7340
Dr. Ade AkindeleMBedford902-443-8388833-851-7340
Dr. Leslie B. GriffinMBedford902-443-8388833-851-7340
Dr. Paul YoungMBedford902-443-8388833-851-7340
Dr. Lilian NwoguFBedford902-443-8388833-851-7340
Dr. Nana-Aya DalafuFBedford 902-443-8388833-851-7340
Dr. Margaret SawlerFLower Sackville902-865-8120902-865-7716
Dr. Mary BotrousFLower Sackville902-865-0812902-865-7716
Dr. Dierdre BerginFLower Sackville902-865-0812902-865-7716
Dr. Pedro DiazMLower Sackville902-865-8120902-865-7716
Dr. Dahir FarahMLower Sackville 902-865-8120902-865-7716
Dr. Soha RizkFDartmouth902-462-0893833-839-2854
Dr. John StevensMDartmouth902-462-0893833-839-2854
Dr. Tamer TomaMDartmouth902-462-0893833-839-2854
Dr. Ruth PacisFForest Hills Drive902-435-5530833-840-6356
Dr. Peter MacAulayMForest Hills Drive902-435-5530833-840-6356
Dr. Beryl HowardFForest Hills Drive902-435-5530833- 840-6356